“The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth.” Rumi

My love for travel first started when I went to Iran as a child. I immediately was drawn to the different scents, community, and lifestyle. The lifestyle of mopeds and pedestrians, bazaars, spice markets, fresh bread, multiple lunch breaks, laughter in the work place- these were all things that stood out to me from an early age.  

As I have grown up to understand more about cultural competency, government systems, and country/state lifestyles, I have been drawn to the globe even more so. I have *what feels like* a never ending list of countries, states, national parks, and hikes that I hope to complete, with more items added on yearly. 

As a Speech Language Pathologist, I had the ability to travel for a full year as a travel therapist. I would accept short term positions in different states and cities and then take long travel breaks between each contract. While I would live in each city  I would maximize my weekends and time off by adventuring this donya bozorg... this big world! 

I love to laugh, build community, travel, hike, adventure, and initiate weekend getaways! This is a space where I will share my passion for travel, and provide people with PNW hikes, road trips, national park ideas, weekend getaways, and more!

My name is Shirin and I am Iranian American living in the Pacific Northwest!



My favorite color is green, just like the trees!

My name means sweet in Farsi- probably the reason I LOVE dessert!

I am an avid planner and usually have my weekends and trips planned out months to years in advance