Want a wicked road trip or list of National Parks to knock out with a tentative itinerary? 

Need a list of hiking or backpacking recommendations within the Pacific Northwest? 

Need help planning a trip or weekend getaway in the Pacific Northwest or beyond? I've got you covered with lots of options! 

Ever wanted to travel, get away for the weekend, or try a hike but feel overwhelmed because you don't have a community or are a beginner?

We have all been there!

I'm a Pacific Northwest native who lives for adventure, hikes, mountains, sight-seeing, tourism, road trips, sleeping under the stars, and exploring the world as much as possible.... but my journey did not start that way. My mom will always share the story of when she thought I needed to be helicoptered off of Tiger Mountain I was so winded! I grew up in a community where "hiking" meant picnicking and no resources to connect to the outdoor world. I took it in my own hands to get active on Facebook groups, Meetup groups, and local mountaineer organizations to create the life that I wanted!

I want to inspire you to get out and experience the best of the Pacific Northwest and beyond,  and give you the information you need to plan your next set of trails traveled. This site is dedicated to inspiring and empowering you to create your own trails traveled, big or small, near or far, and giving you the details you need to have an unforgettable trip.



The road to adventure may feel overwhelming but the trails you travel will be well worth the journey!

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