3 Days in Olympic National Park (ONP)

  1. […] Hurricane Ridge and Lake CrescentDistance from Seattle: 4 hoursI suggest these two be paired together as they are less than an hour from one another and within the same part of Washington. Both of these areas are accessible via car and little to no walking is needed. You can sit in the parking lot at Hurricane Ridge and enjoy a panoramic view of trees, mountains, cliffs, and pure jaw-dropping beauty. After soaking in some glorious views, I would then drive to Lake Crescent, one of the clearest and bluest waters in the world. Lake Crescent is known for its brilliant blue waters and clarity, caused by¬†low levels of nitrogen in the water which inhibits the growth of algae and phytoplankton. As a result, you will find trout and certain fish species that you will not find anywhere else in the world! If you have the energy, you can then rent a canoe or kayak from the lodge and soak in the natural beauty of it’s pristine waters from an aerial view! If you are looking to make an active weekend trip of the Olympic National Park, look at my blog here! […]

  2. […] 5) Olympic National ParkCheck out the itinerary here! […]

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